Malema Leaked Pictures Expose His Links With Lord Robin Renwick

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Leader of EFF and member of Parliament, Julius Malema's picture with Lord Robin Renwick have been leaked and are making rounds on social media.

Lord Robin Renwick is a former UK ambassador to SA before 1994, he also has connection with coporate SA through SABMiller, BhP Billiton and many others. He is also linked to banking sector through JP Morgan ( Europe). Renwick was appointed to House of Lords by PM Blair in 1997.

He was a chairman of Zimbabwe Democracy Trust set up in 2000 and it was a tool to effect regime change against President Mugabe's government.

Earlier news reports revealed that Julius Malema is in UK to seek more funding for his election campaign.

"This man has more interest in Southern Africa than all monopoly capitalists combined. Beware of greedy one because money is his second heart.

"Not all that appear revolutionary is indeed revolutionary. EFF is just a tool to effect regime change and the funders make decisions. The media helps the project." read Sediko Rakolote Facebook post.

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