Helen Zille Faces Arrest On Spy Tapes

ANC Lays Criminal Charges Against Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille is facing criminal charges as she has been fingered in the hiring of senior police crime intelligence officer, Paul Scheepers, to debug government cellphones.

Scheepers was arrested in a raid on his private business in Southfield and on his office at the police’s provincial intelligence unit in Bishop Lavis. He is charged with fraud, perjury and violating the Electronic Communications Act, Scheepers. He is released on bail pending thorough investigation.

Weekend Argus report revealed that Scheepers’s company, Eagle Eye Solution Technologies, was hired by Helen Zille to spy on ANC individuals and government officials.

It is not clear whether an attempt to spy President Zuma was made by Scheepers' company at Zille's request.

Western Cape ANC Chairman, Fransman said: “When this person (Scheepers) was charged by SAPS, she (Zille) decided to pick him out and side with him against the whole SAPS and the (police) ministry. At that moment it was clear to us there is much more than (meets) the eye.”

“Zille must come clean, say exactly how she came across Scheepers and why a state department (which has access to the intelligence fraternity) opted to hire a state official in his private capacity (which could be illegal) to conduct private spy work. On which grounds were these decisions made?” asked ANC Provincial Secretary, Faiez Jacobs.

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