[Malema Lies Exposed] In The Eyes Of The DA, Blacks Are Baboons

Julius Malema Accused of Lying To EFF Supporters Only To Get Their Vote

Just hours after EFF leader Julius Malema announced that his party will be working with the DA, people took to social media to remind him about the things he said previously about the DA.

Malema was reminded of what he said in 2015 when he was speaking at a breakfast organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Johannesburg.

"The ANC and the DA deserve each other ... we don’t want to rush things. We accept that if we don’t win, we will stay on the sidelines and let the DA and the ANC proceed the way they want to." said Julius Malema.

Another tweet carried Malema's words that he spoke when he was addressing Ebony Park residents near Midrand in April 2016.

"Don’t be misled by the DA. The DA has two leaders. It's Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane. Mmusi is used to attract black voters; the real leader is Helen Zille who is the white leader of the DA," he said.

Malema went on to say, "People of Johannesburg said they don’t support a white party that wants to bring back white rule. They want an organisation that will fight for black people."

Julius Malema was also reminded yesterday of what he told the people of Kanana in Hammenskraal in July 2016.

“Please don’t vote for DA. The pain you are currently feeling is very little compared to what you will endure if the whites are in charge,” said Julius Malema.

It is clear that Malema has misled EFF supporters by deciding to work with the same party that he lambasted in order to secure votes.

Malema's actions have been dubbed as the biggest betrayal of EFF supporters.

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