DA Gives Tenders To White Owned Business Only

Black businesses in Cape Town have come forward to express their frustration about the manner in which the DA gives tenders in the province. They provided proof that the DA only gives business to white companies only.

This happens for both tenders issued by the city council and the provincial government in the Western Cape.

The Black Management Forum (BMF) directed their complaint to political leaders, stating that black owners of small, medium and micro-sized businesses, suffered prejudice due to the red tape which required a wealth of experience before being eligible for a tender. Only white businesses end up scooping all tenders in the DA run province.

An organization called Accelerate Cape Town also revealed that black professionals are leaving the Western Cape province in large numbers. This is because they are frustrated at the fact that the DA discourages empowerment of previously disadvantaged candidates.

Black graduates from the province’s four universities were also choosing to migrate to Gauteng and Limpopo where they were more likely to be employed because of the hostile reception they received from the DA government.

The DA’s Garreth Bloor, the city’s Mayco member for tourism, events and economic development, said the city was only concerned about meeting national procurement targets rather then uplifting black business owners.
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