#PrayForNigeria: Bomb Kills 32 People In Nigeria Blast

A bomb has gone off in Nigeria killing at least 32 people and wounding more than 95. The blast struck an market place in the city of Yola around 7 pm.

The explosion occurred at a fruit and vegetable market place along a main road in the Jimeta area of Adamawa’s state capital.

No has claimed responsibility for the blast but the EWN report cited links of Boko Haram which has killed thousands of people.

People have already started spreading the news via social media. A new hashtag #PrayForNigeria is already trending.

Previously there were complaints that Paris attacks were getting more sympathy on social media platforms. Facebook was criticized for ignoring bombings that have been reported in Africa and other parts of the world.

The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerbeg published official apology to everyone who was offended by his campaign.

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