SABC Hlaudi R7 billion Revenue Proves DA & Media Wrong

DA & Media Wrong About SABC Hlaudi On Annual Report 2015

Yesterday, a journalist by the name of Emsie Ferreira wrote an article that was published by IOL News with a title that says 'Huge pay hike for SABC’s Motsoeneng'.

Her article came just few hours after the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) tabled its 2015 Annual Report to parliament. SABC received qualified audit report with only 3 negative findings as opposed to 12 previously.

Emsie conveniently decides to introduce her brainless article with a line that says: 'controversial SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s annual pay package has shot up to R3.78 million a year, according to the public broadcaster’s annual report tabled in Parliament on Wednesday.'

Emsie goes on to argue that - 'it cannot be that Hlaudi is going to earn above R3 million because he was earning R334 000 in year 2010.' 

I then asked myself, wasn't Hlaudi on a different position of a producer in 2010 and not a chief operating officer?

To argue her point, Emsie brings in DA's spokesperson Gavin Davis who arrogantly expresses his anger as he shouts - “We cannot sit back and allow Motsoeneng to wreck the SABC and be rewarded handsomely for doing so.”

Why is it that Emsie and her DA friend decides not to inform the public about what was revealed by the Auditor-Generals report on the state of SABC, but focuses on the person of Hlaudi Motsoeneng and his deserved package?

Why is it that Emsie and her DA friend do not inform the public that the Auditor-General's report revealed that the SABC has posted R7 billion on its operating revenue and has a cash balance of R1 billion?

And why don't these two clowns tell South Africa that same report also revealed that the SABC under Hlaudi, has only 3 findings against it as opposed to 12 before he took the reigns?

Emsie and her DA friends make a big noise about SABC loss of R400 million but they do not tell the public that the loss was attributed to the fact that people do not pay their TV licenses. We know that her own TV license was last paid for in 2011 but she falsifies everything to make us believe that the SABC is being raped by Hlaudi Motsoeneng. 

Emsie and her DA friend do not understand that salary increases are linked to Key Performance Areas (KPI's) and that bonuses are decided by a person's score on Performance Management System. In Emsie's mind Hlaudi's performance assessment score must not be used to decide whether he gets increase or not just because he fearlessly shared his views about media regulation. 

Because we live in a country with a haunting history of apartheid and that has not completely freed itself from the jaws of racism, is it possible that white Emsie and Gavin are looking at black Hlaudi's achievement through the window of our past? Were news headlines going to applaud white SABC COO on his achievements of R7 billion operating revenue and R1 billion cash balance?

By: Scelo Mncwango

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