DA's R3.3 Billion Votes Buying Scandal Exposed

City of Cape Town - Image: Thinkstock

National Treasury Report Exposes DA's R3.3 billion Scandal

A report by the National Treasury has revealed that the DA is dishing out free services to household that do not qualify, with the aim to win votes in the coming elections.

The Treasury found that the DA's has increased its budget for the so called 'indigents'  in its attempt to secure votes. The Treasury performs assessment on budgets tabled by municipalities to ascertain whether they are allocated correctly or not.

According to the Treasury, the DA spent R1.9 billion providing free service to non-qualifying people who are not classified as indigents.

The city has only 382000 household that qualify for free basic service but is fraudulently extending services 1.1 million households. The Treasury report further revealed that the DA's service delivery scam is set to increase to R3.3 billion for 2016/17.

It is believed that the DA is worried about the increasing level of service delivery protests in areas for black and coloured residents. 

Karen Hesse who is a local government expert from Municipal IQ, warned the DA for committing fraudulent activities in its attempt to gain avoid protest actions. Karen noted that the DA was prioritising certain communities while there were other communities in need of services. It is believed that some of households receiving free services are mainly white and could afford to pay.

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Posted by Daily Post News on Thursday, September 17, 2015
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